Frank VanderSloot says he’s “Hopeful” as Focus Turns on IRS


3  Updated at 7:04 pm, May 14th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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Frank Vander sloot official photo

(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  — Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot was singled out a year ago by the Obama campaign for giving $1 million in support of Mitt Romney, and was almost immediately subjected to two Internal Revenue Service audits and a Labor Department inspection of his ranch business.   Something at the time VanderSloot described as peculiar.   He, along with 7 other individuals were placed on an “Enemies” list by the Obama campaign, and the microscope descended on Idaho Falls.

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the IRS’ targeting conservative groups for similar audits, VanderSloot is again the focus.   Fox News talked with him again Tuesday ( see video on home page ) and inquired about the past year.   VanderSloot spoke of the multiple attempts to smear his name and reputation.   Both professionally and personally.   Fox asked if VanderSloot was bitter toward Obama and the IRS.  The Idaho Falls businessman said, “No, I’m hopeful that our country will not continue to go down that path…hopeful that we’ll have leaders of our country to ensure that we don’t go down that path.”

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  • Ed Bestowzo

    Someone should ask Mr. Vandersloot how many Republican speakers have earned speaking fees at Melaleuca National conventions. Someone should also ask him if he ever threatened individual senior marketing executives at his company with fines or terminations if they chose to walk out of these political speeches.

    • It is really sad to see people throw stones at people with a harden heart and mindset full of negativity. We could all take a lesson from franks interview and if our eyes are wide open you would see he not once used that media platform to attack the administration when in fact he could have easily done so.

      I also know for a fact Frank has NEVER threatened us senior through corporate directors with fines or termination if we walked out of political speeches so please stop with those ridiculous lies. It’s ashamed someone would have told you that. It is a fact we have the right to choose whether we show up for meetings or not. We are asked to not just show up for ourselves but to be a good example to all of those around us on our teams and never has one message been about a political agenda. It saddens me to see people so easily throw stones with out much reflection on their own life to see how they might be able to be a more positive influence on humanity without negativity or conspiracy theories.

      I have learned in life that if I am not part of the problem or the solution with a solid understanding of the situation with credible facts then I am to stay out of it.

    • buddynoel

      Looks as though the liberal fascists are starting to get desperate. Ed, do you realize that government threats are a felony and could get you thrown in the slammer? The revolution is coming and those people who had your back are starting to abandon you already.