Homes in Lake County Calif. Sinking into the Ground


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iStockphoto(LAKE COUNTY, Calif.) — Officials say they have no clue why a cluster of homes in Lake County, California are sinking.

So far just under a dozen homes have been fully evacuated as more families are put on notice to leave.

“It’s just been moving by the day. The foundation is shifting under the house,” said one homeowner who says his family is “hanging in the balance” as they wait for further instructions from officials.

“I mean, in March everything was fine and everything’s gone now,” the homeowner said.

There are a couple theories for what’s causing these houses to slowly sink down into the Earth. Some believe that water bubbling up to the surface may have something to do with it. Officials fixed broken pipes last week but nobody knows why there’s so much water.

Another theory is that the problem is due to natural causes. There is a dormant volcano in the area and at least one public works employee has said he believes many of the problems there are caused by that volcano.

Scientists are working to determine if it’s water, fire, or something else entirely, that’s causing this neighborhood to go under.

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