“Scandal” Star Admits His Wife Doesn’t Watch Steamy Love Scenes


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ABC(NEW YORK) — Tony Goldwyn and his Scandal co-star Kerry Washington heat up ABC on Thursday nights thanks to their electric chemistry and intoxicating love scenes. And although some 7.9 million viewers tuned in last week, according to Nielsen, there’s one person who’s not watching: Goldwyn’s wife of 24 years, Jane Musky.

“She watched the pilot and she would watch it, but she doesn’t follow it,” Goldwyn admits to ABC News Radio. “I don’t know if I’d be that comfortable with her watching everything…she doesn’t need to see all that stuff.”

And “that stuff” will get even more intense Thursday night during the “A Woman Scorned” episode. Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, and her team continue to investigate the CIA mole while Goldwyn’s President Fitzgerald continues to spy on Olivia, who is apparently still in danger.

Goldwyn directs the episode and says it’s difficult transforming from actor to director. “As a fellow actor you almost never comment or suggest something” to an actor on a set. Goldwyn adds, “…I have to give myself a little nudge to cross that barrier because I’m so sort of disciplined about it as an actor.”

And what advice would Goldwyn, who’s been married for a long time, give his character Fitz? The actor says, “I think he’s in a really untenable relationship with his wife and he’s really deeply in love with Olivia Pope. So I think that he needs to be with Olivia. It’s just that everything has gotten so insane and chaotic.”

“You know, as [creator] Shonda [Rhimes] has said, she wants to create television that looks like life,” he says, before adding that he and co-star Washington are proud to be one of few interracial couples on TV. “It’s such a common fact in our world, that it’s kind of almost bizarre that you haven’t seen more of it on television,” he says.

Goldwyn says they have already finished filming this season’s episodes. The season finale airs May 16 on ABC.

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