E3 2013: Gaming Giants Show Off New Products


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ABC News(LOS ANGELES) — If you like blood-and-guts video games, Los Angeles is the place to be this week.  The world’s biggest video game companies are unveiling their best new products at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3.

Video gaming is now a $67 billion industry but is suffering through a two-year slump in sales.

On Monday, Microsoft showed what its new XBox One console can achieve.  Many of the popular titles it showed off, including Killer Instinct and Grand Theft Auto 5, utilize violence and blood to attract primarily male video game enthusiasts.  

The XBox One is the next generation for Microsoft.  Its graphics look like scenes from a live-action movie.  It can be controlled by voice and gesture.  

But if you don’t want to pay for a whole new system, Microsoft is keeping the XBox 360 in play.  It will continue to release games for the XBox 360 and has unveiled a new XBox 360 console that has been redesigned to look like the XBox One.  The redesigned XBox 360 is available now.

The focus of this year’s E3 is on the battle for the best video game console.  At a time when many gamers are turning toward tablets to play games, the big three – Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo – say players really want the full console experience.  That’s why Microsoft and Sony are out with new systems.  

Sony’s new PlayStation 4 is expected to go well beyond the technological achievements of its previous model and at a lower price point.  The PlayStation 3 was criticized for being too expensive.  The PlayStation 4 is expected to launch for under $400.

Both Microsoft and Sony are promoting their new, ultra-high graphic systems as whole home entertainment systems.  They both offer exclusive video game titles and content from some of the biggest producers in Hollywood.

While Microsoft and Sony show off their new systems, Nintendo is focusing more on its games.  

Not all titles being unveiled this week are violent.  Nintendo’s line-up is full of family friendly games.  Its 3DS has a new lineup of titles like Luigi’s Mansion and Donkey Kong Returns 3D.  The other two console makers offer action games without blood like the racing game Forza Motorsport 5.

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