Frank Thomas Not a Fan of PEDs

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Mike McGinnis/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Former Chicago White Sox slugger Frank Thomas played in the steroid era, but was very outspoken about the current Biogenesis scandal around baseball right now.

Thomas never believed in taking steroids as a player and still feels the same way.  Since retiring in 2008, Thomas has had a chance to speak with current Hall of Famers and they’ve echoed the same sentiments towards PEDs.

“They say, ‘Hell, no,'” Thomas said. “They don’t want any of these guys in. These are super-superstars in my eyes, and they’re serious about it. I would suggest you get around the Johnny Benches, the Ozzie Smiths, the Dave Winfields and Mike Schmidts. Hold court with them and see how they feel. I’ve talked to them and it was eye-opening.”

Thomas believes the reward in today’s game makes players want to take the chance of using a PED.

“When I played, guys all said, ‘Let’s get to the Hall of Fame,'” Thomas said on Thursday. “Now guys are like, ‘Let’s do five years and make $150 million, and you’re set for life. Who cares?’ I think that’s the feeling among most of the guys now. It’s shameful, what’s happened over the last seven, eight years with this whole scandal, but guys continue to try it.”

Once the investigation is over, Thomas hopes that baseball finds a way to put an end to PEDs.

“After this, it’s going to stop,” he said. “Enough is going to be enough. They’ll get to the point where they start banning guys, and that when it’s going to stop.”

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