Idaho Falls Attorney Announces His Bid for Congress



(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —  Local Attorney, Bryan Smith, officially announced his intention to run for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional district against Mike Simpson this fall.   He spent the day Thursday in press briefings across the state, from Boise to Idaho Falls where he called for a return to the values that promote limited-government, economic freedom and personal liberty.

“Our five children are the reason why I stand here today. I’ve had a chance to live the American dream. And I worry that all of our children won’t have that same opportunity. Times are tough for many Idahoans, and Congressman Simpson doesn’t have the solutions. It’s been thirty years of failed policies that have brought us to this point,” 

“We can get this economy going again but that means cutting spending in a real way, fixing our broken tax system, and reducing regulatory burdens on small businesses.”

A graduate of BYU, Smith and his wife Sharon have five children and live in Idaho Falls.


  • Concerned Citizen #1176 says:

    Yes, let’s elect SE Idaho’s most prolific bottom feeder to represent the people. Mr. Smith has sued more people than anyone else in SE Idaho, and is insulted that federal law prevents him from being more vigorous in his bill collection efforts.

    • dagoof says:

      I don’t know anything about Mr. Smith, but a little more personal responsibility would be a good thing IMO.

      Frankly, I’m tired of seeing deadbeats live beyond their means and then skipping out on their bills leaving the rest of us to pick up the tab.

      Nothing wrong with a little debt collection.

  • Conservative Idahoan says:

    Thankfully, he’s not trying to win a Miss Congeniality contest and we’re not looking for someone to represent Idaho as the nicest, warmest fuzziest person we can send. Who cares if he sues people and if he’s in collections, someone needs to hold people accountable if they aren’t paying their bills- if he’ll go back and hold Washington accountable for not paying bills all the better- sounds like he has lots of experience.

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