Mail Being Stolen in Pocatello


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mail theft

(POCATELLO, ID) – Pocatello Police are warning residents about mail theft. The driver of a black vehicle has been seen lurking in the Highland area stealing outgoing mail left in curbside mailboxes. In some cases, checks have been stolen and washed with special chemicals and rewritten with a desired amount going to the culprits. Anyone who witnesses suspicious activity or who might have more information should contact detectives at 234-6100.

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  • Carolee

    I was one of the victims of this scam. My check was taken out of the mail box and the amount as well as who it was written to was changed. I caught this quickly by checking my account on line and was surprised how quickly the check had gone through the mail and was cashed and than I saw the amount. I will no longer put checks in the mail I will take them directly to the post office.