Worst Kinds of Air Passengers Ranked

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Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Imagine the worst fellow air passenger you’ve ever encountered. Was it the tiny toddler, screaming so loudly you thought for sure his head was going to spin around while his parents just sat there, doing nothing more than smiling?

Or was it the guy with the volume on his media player turned so high you could hear every word of Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” on repeat for the duration of the four-hour flight? Was it the one who brought greasy fast-food on the plane and, then, as if the smell of that wasn’t bad enough, removed his shoes to reveal the food was practically perfume compared to the stench of his feet?

We’ve all had our fair share of encounters with airline passengers from hell. Now, one website has decided to rank them in order from most offensive to least.

Coming in first place on the Airlineratings.com list: the Reclinus Maximus. These are the, “thoughtless passengers who recline into your space from takeoff to landing.”

Next up: Parentus Slapdashii, or, “parents that think their 200 fellow passengers are babysitters.”

“Of course, we all feel for the mother with the crying baby and we can always put a headset on to reduce the impact, but it’s the children running amok and kicking your seat that angers fellow passengers,” Airlineratings.com editor and founder Geoffrey Thomas said.

There’s also the Smellus Incredibilus, highlighting, the website said, the problem that, “personal hygiene on planes is in decline.”

Next, the Armrest Grabbis, the person who hogs the armrests.

In fifth place, the Chatticus Majorus, otherwise known as the seatmate who wants to chat you up for the entire trip.

The Bladder Incredibilus is the person who requests the window seat, but needs to constantly get up to use the bathroom.

Ranking 7 through 10: Carry-on Greedicus (the person with the too-large carry-on); High-and-Mighticus (demanding passenger); DVT – Avoidus (spotted, the website said, doing their yoga or tai chi routine in the boarding lounge and then spends the flight doing arm stretches and leg raisers bumping the back of your seat ); and, finally, the Window Hoggus,” who takes the window seat and immediately after takeoff pulls down the window shade and goes to sleep, denying fellow passengers a view.

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