EPA Plans to Update Gas Mileage Regulations


Jim R. Bounds/Bloomberg via Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Those miles per gallon estimates you see on window stickers when buying a new car may be in for a makeover.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday it is planning to update its fuel economy labeling regulations “to ensure that the requirements keep pace with industry trends and innovations in advanced high-efficiency vehicles.”

The proposed change came after the agency found that the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid fell short of the automaker’s combined city-highway mileage estimate of 47 mpg.

In a statement Thursday, Ford said it revised the estimate to 43 mpg.

To help compensate for the difference in fuel costs as a result of new estimate, the company said it is “making a goodwill payment” to customers who bought or leased the C-Max Hybrid.

“Customers who purchased their vehicle will receive a check from Ford for $550.  Customers who leased their vehicle will receive a check for $325,” Ford said.

“Existing customers will be notified by mail, and Ford is working with dealers to re-label vehicles on dealer lots,” the automaker added.

Meanwhile, the EPA is also reportedly looking to change the way automakers are allowed to group similar vehicles together for gas mileage tests.  USA Today adds that the agency will dramatically increase its vehicle testing.

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