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Federal Gov. Won’t Interfere in States Where Pot Is Legal


marijuana?  SQUARESPACE CACHEVERSION=1377849508339Uriel Sinai/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — In a major victory for legal marijuana users, the federal government appears ready to back off from overriding laws in states where medicinal pot is permitted.

Furthermore, the directive from the Justice Department also means that the feds won’t stick their noses in Colorado and Washington State where voters legalized the recreational use of grass.

According to a document signed by Attorney General Eric Holder, marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug.

However, Holder’s policy memo means that the federal government won’t go after non-violent marijuana users in states where people can legally purchase and use it.

There are eight new federal enforcement priorities that states must abide by so that law enforcement doesn’t coming raining down on their heads.

The feds can still intervene if it’s discovered pot is distributed to minors. Another major infraction is using sales to cover up trafficking operations, particularly to states where marijuana remains illegal.

Twenty states and the District of Columbia allow medical marijuana use. That includes Colorado and Washington State, which also legalized recreational use.

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