Vancouver Woman Steals Back Stolen Bike


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PhotoAlto/Teo Lannie(VANCOUVER) — Kayla Smith is the toast of Vancouver, British Columbia, if not Canada, and for that matter, all of North America.

Smith has become something of a folk hero to all those victimized by theft by doing something few people would have the nerve to do: stealing back her stolen property.

The Vancouver woman, who recently had her bicycle ripped off, was browsing through Craigslist when she noticed an ad for a bike that by its description, appeared to be the same one taken for her.

She then arranged to meet the seller at a fast food restaurant whereupon Smith verified that the bike for sale was hers by its stickers and special brakes.

Getting it back was easy. Smith asked if she could take it for a test drive and then rode away.

Realizing that she had gotten away with the heist of her own bike, an exuberant Smith proclaimed, “I danced like as if I had just scored a touchdown in the NFL, honestly.”

Nevertheless, Smith still feels victimized, saying, “People work really hard for their bikes and how dare you, how dare you steal what I worked so hard to buy. I mean, I’m a bartender, I slinged a lot of beer for this, you know?”

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