Apple Sued over iTunes’ “Breaking Bad” Season Pass


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Lewis Jacobs/AMC(NEW YORK) — A Breaking Bad fan believes iTunes’ season pass for the AMC show is a bad deal, and he’s suing Apple as a result.

Dr. Noam Lazebnik says he purchased a season pass last year on Apple’s iTunes Store for the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad.  He contends the pass should have entitled him to all 16 episodes in the season.

However, the plaintiff points out, AMC split the season in half, airing the first eight episodes last year.  Lazebnik says he watched those episodes via iTunes.  But when the second half of the season debuted on TV last month, he says, he discovered he needed to purchase another iTunes season pass in order to access the final episodes.

Lazebnik’s lawyer, Nick DiCello, is arguing his client should get his money back.

He tells ABC News Radio, “The expectation is when you purchase a season pass, that you’re going to get every episode in the season.  And that is what was represented to him on the iTunes website.”

DiCello says he is seeking class-action status for the lawsuit, maintaining there are thousands of people who purchased the season-five pass.

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