Brucellosis Found in Montana Cattle Herd


3  Updated at 9:18 am, September 27th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(BILLINGS, MT) – A disease known to decimate wildlife populations in the Yellowstone area has been found in a Montana cattle herd.  Federal livestock officials confirmed Thursday that a case of brucellosis has been found in Madison County, Montana. The county borders Fremont County, Idaho to the north. Yellowstone bison and elk are the most common carriers of the disease, which Montana authorities have worked hard to eradicate. The infected cow was tested only a year ago and was clean at that time. They believe this is an isolated incident, and has not impacted other livestock in the region.

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  • $8846091

    Eradicate????? This “situation” has been going on since 1917 and they are no closer to eradicating it now, than they were then! But there has been billions of dollars spent on “research” which has made many careers possible, rewarded state and local governments with cash, and given the non profits a real fund raising theme! Politicians, lawyers, and judges have made a name for themselves and we have even invited some outside countries to the “party” . Maybe we can have a celebration, in 2017, and have an awards ceremony! Or we could just fix the problem, with a simple solution, and allow the cattle, elk, and bison to exist on the same ranges! Then the fight will become about the real issue of the use of public lands instead of this childish game of brucellosis!

  • Joshalo

    Totally absurd article. “A disease known to decimate wildlife populations in the Yellowstone area”. The only thing decimating wildlife populations in the Greater Yellowstone Area (GYA) are the management practices of the state and federal government. Over 7,000 wild buffalo have been killed since 1985 under the guise of their potential to spread brucellosis to domestic cattle (which incidentally has never happened). Wildlife in the GYA have adapted to the presence of brucellosis (a disease brought to the region by domestic cattle and spread to wildlife because of poor management decisions) and are rarely affected by the disease in terms of population growth.

    In terms of wildlife, this issue is all about competition for grass, primarily on public lands where ranchers get a more than generous subsidy ($1.35 per cow/calf pair compared to $12-$18 for private land) at taxpayer expense. There is a simple way to solve this issue for the livestock industry; keep your cattle on private land and cowboy up. Add to the local economy by hiring ranch hands to stay with the cattle and make sure they are not eating aborted elk fetuses (the only way they can get brucellosis). Sit around a camp fire and sing some songs and take care of their own private property.

    • MTgirl

      Well-said Joshalo. Welfare ranching is the cause of many, many problems.