Missing Idaho Falls Girl Found


3  Updated at 5:46 pm, September 9th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —  After a weekend of investigation, five-year old Aaliyah Esqueda was found Monday.   Idaho Falls Police issued an Amber Alert on Friday when the girl was reportedly kidnapped by her Paternal grandparents in Idaho Falls.   Aaliyah’s Maternal grandparents, Debra and Scott Yagues, are the child’s legal guardians.  They allowed her paternal grandparents, Salvador Esqueda and Irene Ma Esqueda to visit with her on Tuesday of last week.  They had told the Yagues they would bring Aaliyah home on Sunday.  On Friday, the Yagues learned on Facebook through an Esqueda relative that the grandparents were taking the girl to her Father in Mexico.  They apparently left with the girl Thursday night on a bus from Idaho Falls.  An Amber Alert was issued on Friday.  It was cancelled Monday after police say the girl had indeed been found with her Father in Mexico.  Efforts are being taken currently to secure the girl and return her to Idaho Falls.   Second-degree kidnapping warrants have been issued for the Esquedas.

  • Einsoy Marin

    “It was cancelled Monday after police say the girl had indeed been found with her Father in Mexico.”truth in Mexico, what happened to border control.

    • ARA5353

      In crossing from the US to Mexico about 3 times per week, I seldom had the Mexican authorities check my ID. They occasionally inspected my car, but I only got my ID checked when I was actually at work. Coming back into the US, I had to show ID and go through inspection every time. Mexican nationals who I worked with never got stopped at the border going south.

  • Tigerlily

    Why is the father working as a corporate executive in Mexico? He should get a job in the USA even if it pays a lot less for the sake of the child.