Snowden Hiding Under Guard at Secret Location, Lawyer Says

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The Guardian via Getty Images(MOSCOW) — Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is reportedly hiding somewhere in Russia under guard at a secret location, according to his lawyer.

Interfax reports that Anatoly Kucherena told RT, an English-language TV network in Russia, that no one is being told of Snowden’s place of residence.

“This is done on his request because we understand that the level of danger is quite high,” Kucherena said, adding that he thinks it’s impossible to find out where Snowden is living.

As for who might be guarding Snowden, the lawyer told RT, “They do not necessarily have to be Russian security forces.  We have quite a few private firms.”

Kucherena suggested that Snowden has traveled a bit around Russia, saying, “He walks around.  He can travel.  He does travel, because he is interested in our history.”  But, the lawyer added, nobody has recognized him so far.

Kucherena said that Snowden is still expecting a visit from his father, mother and perhaps his grandparents.

He also said that the NSA leaker still had more secret information, which he has yet to turn over, contradicting earlier statements that Snowden had given up everything he had prior to receiving asylum in Russia.

Kucherena’s full interview with RT is scheduled to air sometime next week.

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