What Are the Most Overrated and Underrated Jobs?


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Ciaran Griffin/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Money isn’t everything when it comes to the best careers, according to CareerCast.com.

The careers website has released a list of its 12 most overrated and underrated jobs in the country.

Overrated jobs are defined as those that seem attractive from the outside but that sound better than they really are.  The may have a poor outlook for jobs, too many candidates entering the field, poor working conditions or high barriers to entry.  Underrated jobs have a positive hiring outlook, with rising salary, high autonomy and lower stress levels.

The careers website used data from its annual overall jobs report, last released in April, with updated data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics among other sources.  CareerCast regularly scans surveys that measure job satisfaction and the economic outlook of careers.

Tony Lee, publisher of CareerCast, noted that this year, the job of “computer programmer” appeared on the overrated list for the first time.

“People think, ‘If I can program, I’m golden,'” Lee said.  But the hiring outlook and salary growth for that job has slowed.

“It’s not quite as exciting and glamorous as people think.  You’re not inventing Google.  You’re writing code to help make something run better,” he said.

Here are CareerCast.com’s most overrated jobs and their median salaries:

  1. Advertising Account Exec — $79,680
  2. Surgeon — $166,400
  3. Stockbroker — $71,720
  4. Public Relations Manager — $95,450
  5. Senior Corporate Executive — $168,140
  6. Event Coordinator — $45,810
  7. Architect — $73,090
  8. Commercial Airline Pilot — $114,200
  9. Attorney — $113,530
  10. Computer Programmer — $74,280
  11. Economist — $91,860
  12. Psychologist — $67,650

Here are CareerCast.com’s most underrated jobs and their median salaries:

  1. Computer Systems Analyst — $79,680
  2. Veterinarian — $84,460
  3. Biologist — $72,700
  4. Market Research Analyst — $60,300
  5. Accountant — $63,550
  6. Emergency Medical Technician — $31,020
  7. Legal Assistant — $46,990
  8. Civil Engineer — $79,340
  9. School Principal — $87,760
  10. Plumber — $49,140
  11. Electrician — $49,840
  12. Librarian — $55,370

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