Ammon on Best Cities List



(AMMON, ID)  — The City of Ammon has been identified on a list of “The Best Cities for Young Families” in Idaho, by, a financial resources website.  Ammon was ranked fourth on a list of ten cities.  A total of sixty-three Idaho cities were analyzed by the website in the process of creating the rankings.     The website analyzed the following three factors in determining which cities to add to the list: (1) Does the city have good public schools?, (2) Can you afford to live there?, and (3) Is the city growing and prospering?  Nerd Wallet noted that Ammon’s population doubled between 2000 and 2010, with growth coming “so quickly because of its relatively low housing prices and proximity to Idaho Falls, the state’s largest city outside the Boise metro area.”  According to the website, the City of Ammon has a median home value of $173,900, with a median household income of $55,617.  Ammon received a high rating for the quality of its schools, and also showed an economic growth rate of 16.3% over the past decade.

See the article here:  NerdWallet

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