Cable ONE Loses CNN, TBS, TruTV


3  Updated at 8:46 am, October 2nd, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID) – One of the region’s biggest cable television providers has lost several channels associated with Turner Broadcasting.  The company reportedly failed to reach an agreement with Cable ONE about the continued streaming of channels like TruTV, TBS, Cartoon Network, and CNN. Cable ONE officials say Turner wanted to significantly increase the cost of subscribing to certain channels, primarily because of low ratings generating poor advertising revenue. Cable ONE customers will be credited in their monthly bill for the lost channels. Authorities hope to negotiate an agreement with Turner in the near future to restore service.

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  • Adrian Wainer

    Cable ONE should Leave the anti-American CNN pile of garbage off their service. It is the patriotic thing to do and Cable One will probably get additional subscribers and less churn on existing subscribers as a result of not having CNN.

  • kyle miller

    how long will I wait for Cartoon Network will retrun?

  • ecyrb1

    We have this problem in Kirksville, MO. Cable one is ripping us off. A 50% increase? Look at ESPN and then look at TBS, TNT, CNN etc. Then bundle them. Really not much of an increase.
    See this: