Feds Issue Citations in Yellowstone, Grand Teton


1  Updated at 2:03 pm, October 9th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(JACKSON, WY) – National Park Rangers in Yellowstone and Grand Teton have been issuing citations on a daily basis for people caught trespassing in park boundaries. The parks have been closed because of the Congressional budget standoff for more than a week now, but that hasn’t stopped several people from trying to sneak inside. In many cases, those cited have been runners, cyclists, and drivers who have simply ignored the temporary barricades in place. 



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  • tcmayo says:

    In last week’s Jackson Hole News & Guide the following statements were
    printed: Multi-use pathways and scenic overlooks have been barricaded because
    they are “recreational amenities,“ Teton park spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles
    said. There was no leeway afforded in deciding what to close and what to leave
    open, Grand Teton superintendent Mary Gibson Scott said in a press conference
    last week.

    The September 23, 2013 Jackson Hole News and Guide Daily printed the
    following comment from retired Yellowstone Park Superintendent Finley: Many
    superintendents of parks “lack that intestinal fortitude” to stand up for what’s
    right in the face of short-term interests and political pressure.

    Grand Teton National Park Superintendent Mary Gibson Scott has directed
    park rangers to literally put the American public out on the street forcing
    cyclists and pedestrians from the safety of the multi-use pathway onto Highway

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