Employees: Bosses Don’t Apologize as Much as They Think


0  Updated at 4:08 am, November 15th, 2013 By: ABC Digital
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Michal Kowalski/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — There is a huge disconnect between managers and employees when it come to the boss acknowledging and apologizing for making a mistake.

A new study by the sales and leadership training group, The Forum Corporation, found that a whopping 89 percent of bosses claim they’ll always or often apologize for committing an error at work.  Yet just 19 percent of employees say that’s actually the case. 

It’s certainly not good for company morale, according to the underlings, because it makes them lose trust in their corporate leaders.

The problem seems to be growing: 37 percent fewer employees trust their bosses now than just a few years ago.

Among the managers who say they don’t apologize for office mistakes, the vast majority say an apology makes them look incompetent, while the rest associate mea culpas with weakness.

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