Amazon Reviewers Have Field Day Over 85-Inch $40K Samsung LED TV


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Amazon/Samsung(NEW YORK) — Amazon reviewers were having a field day writing comments about a $40,000 Samsung Ultra HD LED television, with satirical reviews focused on the item’s price.

After Business Insider pointed out the best of the comments, the reactions continued to pile on — with 629 customer reviews as of Tuesday morning.

Whether sarcastic or not, the reviewers seem to like the television. There are only three left in stock as of Tuesday morning and the product has an average rating of four stars, according to the Amazon product page.

The 85-inch television is officially $39,997.88 on Amazon, allowing buyers to save 11 percent or $5,002. While the Smart LED television has the latest features, such as voice control, Smart Touch Remote Control, built-in Wi-Fi and subwoofer, it’s quite a jump in price compared to televisions that Amazon says are “similar” to it, such as the $16,999 LG Electronics LED-LCD HDTV and $12,999 Toshiba 84-inch LED HDTV.

In addition to the Amazon reviews are some chuckle-worthy commentary in the Q&A section, with Amazon users posting and answering each other, such as:

Q: Will the Amazon drone deliver this?

A: Actually, I believe that Optimus Prime will deliver it for you and have Bumblebee set it up for you…


Q: I want put two of these into the ceiling over my bed and play Shark Week so I can trick my wife into thinking our house sunk into the ocean. Possible?

A: You prankster, you. Yes, it’s possible and a great idea. She is lucky to have you in her life.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Possibly even more enlightening is not just the number of reviews but that Amazon users are tagging them as “helpful.”

Click here to see some of the best reviews.

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