Bannock County Buildings Ban E-Cigarettes


1  Updated at 11:24 am, December 6th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(POCATELLO, ID) – Buildings owned or maintained by Bannock County now prohibit electronic cigarettes.  Commissioners approved a measure on Wednesday that added e-cigarettes to smoking bans currently in place in county-owned facilities. Officials made the decision following several public complaints about the use of the devices, including during court proceedings. Owners of local vaping outlets are upset about the move, claiming that the vapor produced from e-cigarettes is harmless and odorless. The devices are not currently regulated by federal health agencies.

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  • FXR

    Public Health has moved where they always move, at the beginning of the end, of the same old same old, self imposed, mutual admiration society, of condescending prohibitionist elites. Fashioning the same uprising we have seen time and time again, over hundreds of years.

    Holding the scepter of moral supremacy, is like holding a live grenade, for someone in the medical profession.

    Like the champions of reefer madness, and the fascists before them, their fate is already sealed.

    Risk is an emotional evaluation and the terrorists of the AMA are armed almost exclusively, with ammunition provided by junk science protagonists and the prostitutes of “Passivrauchen”.

    Always about the money.

    Like Electronic Cigarettes, “second hand smoke” exists as a health risk, or weapon of choice, only because the medical community decided, and quite deliberately, to eliminate the possibility that either could be harmless. “No safe level of tobacco smoke” joins with “what could happen if vaping became a trend”. Speculation and emotional measures [AKA “Risk Assessments”], to undermine both common sense and free autonomous choices, without “medical community morality” based opposition. Choices made by the only people with a legal right to make them, is the only actual risk of any significant value here at all. “The Public Health Movement” [CULT] promotes something completely different and they do so, using your own money and government resources, as if they were their own.

    People making their own choices, in the management of their own bodies, is the only issue being addressed here, above and to the diminishment of all others.