Eco-Terrorists Set Sights on Salmon


3  Updated at 10:40 am, December 23rd, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(SALMON, ID) – A wolf hunting contest in central Idaho has resulted in hundreds of death threats targeting Salmon residents.  A Salmon-based outfitter is running a wolf derby later this month where hunters will be awarded cash prizes for killing wolves. The announcement sparked outrage among wolf activists, who have taken to Facebook and email to threaten the event’s organizers and sponsors. The victims say most of the harassment has come from out-of-state. Law enforcement officials are aware of the threats, but have not confirmed if they’re pursuing any leads.

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Madison Park, Keith Allen and Andreas Preuss, CNN

  • josh

    Eco-terrorists are the ones who kill and destroy our wildlife and wildlands.

    • D_Morgan

      Ok then what do we call them Violent Animal Freedom Fighters?

      • local counsel

        perhaps we can call them domestic terrorists if eco-terrorists hurts their little feelings.