Sho-Ban Coach: “Allegations are False”


1  Updated at 11:25 am, January 27th, 2014 By: Managing Editor
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(FORT HALL, ID) – Sho-Ban High School boys basketball coach Juan Rodriguez has been suspended amid allegations that he assaulted a player.  Rodriguez says the he accidentally struck the player in the back of the head with a ball during a routine drill. He was placed on administrative leave Jan. 16, nearly two months after the alleged incident occurred. Rodriguez believes his assistant coach, Vernon Harris, is vying for his job, and is spreading false rumors with parents and the school board. Harris, who has a son on the team, denies those claims. A district investigation is ongoing.

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  • bballlover

    Haha what a joke…what drives me the most crazy about this is its probably some kid and his stupid parents wanting him to start and he sucks to bad to start. I have played much basketball in my day and yes, believe it or not, you accidentally get hit with a ball. I have gotten hit several times and do you think i tried to get someone fired or in trouble over it? Give me a brake. Whatever come of this will never be the right thing, regardless of the outcome. The coach’s name will be drug through the mud, the kid will still suck, and his parents will still be winey. This is a terrible thanks for the time and effort the coach puts in.