What Does Michelle Obama Think of President Obama’s Gray Hair?


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David McNew/Getty Images/JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The before and after pictures do not lie: President Obama’s hair has gotten considerably grayer since assumed the top job at the White House five years.  And according to the commander-in-chief, First Lady Michelle Obama doesn’t seem to mind his new gray look.
“My wife at least, still thinks I’m pretty cute, even with the gray hair,” the president said Friday.
The president’s candid talk about his graying hair came during a Google+ Hangout, where one of the participants commented on his “distinguished” look.
“You, my friend, are looking particularly distinguished,” Rob Page from Seattle told the president.  “I mean that in the nicest way possible.  But in all fairness, you’ve earned every gray hair you’ve got on your head, I have to say, by far.  But you’re expected to be superhuman when in reality you are nothing but human.”
Page proceeded to ask the president one important question.
“I’ve been given a chance to ask you one question, and out of millions that I’d love to ask you over a beer,” Rob Page of Seattle told the president. “How are you? How is life treating you? Are you happy?”
“We should have that beer because I think…this might take a longer answer,” the president said in response. “I am pretty happy, I got to tell you, and the main reason is because I’ve got this amazing wife and two unbelievably terrific daughters who are growing up a little too fast.”
“But the other reason I’m pretty good is that this is an extraordinary privilege, this job,” he said. “It is really hard, and it’s long hours, and there are a lot of things flying at you all the time.  But every single day, I wake up, and I have the possibility, the opportunity of making things a little bit better for somebody out there.”

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