Man Dies in Farming Accident


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(HEYBURN, ID) – A Burley man was killed in an accident involving farming equipment earlier this week. Authorities say 54-year-old Antonio Ponce of Burley became entangled in equipment used for mixing cattle feed. The accident happened just before noon on Tuesday near the J.R. Simplot Distribution Center. Ponce was an employee of Anderson Farming in Heyburn. Police say Ponce succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

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  • James Clark & Elaine Kerr wash says:

    I am sorry about the family’s loss. in my opinion based on my experience there family needs to watch closely how there attorneys handle the case and how the industrial commission denies there orders and request. and if the firm Anderson Julian & Hull represent the state fund make sure that all medical records they have are only connected to the accident itself . for they like to alter old medical records and fit them in to the present injury to denied injured workers there entitlements. if Douglas Donoghue is assigned referee ask for another for he denied my due process to help the state fund cover up there fraud . 2 years later from date of accident Lynn luker Idaho politician/attorney sets as vice chair of the judicial committed was not assigned to help me’ but to sabotage my case in 11 months and quits on my ssd he had taken also at the same time and was assigned to my case by the industrial commission. witch he was aware of for the hole 11 months he had it but its my word and my doctors word that Lynn luker refused to call for me to show my PTSD was 100% related to my near death on the job injury. my family and I wish them the best .

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