White House Not Ready to Celebrate Health Care Law Enrollment Success

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ABC News(WASHINGTON) — Was President Obama premature in getting excited about the Affordable Care Act signing up 7.1 million Americans?

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer admits it was a celebratory moment, especially after things looked bleak following the disastrous rollout last October.

However, Pfeiffer told CBS’ Face the Nation that the administration is not doing a “victory lap,” given that the real test of how well the law works won’t be known for months or even years.

According to Pfeiffer, “We have a lot…a lot more work to do here. We have to ensure that this seven million folks who signed up have a good transition into health care.”

Meanwhile, Obama and the ACA’s supporters are also fully aware that the GOP is still determined to kill or dismantle the law. Pfeiffer said that’s likely to backfire if Republicans take health care away from seven million people plus the millions more who are getting insured through Medicaid.

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