American Falls Mom Wants Dog Declared Vicious



(AMERICAN FALLS, ID)  – An American Falls woman wants the dog who bit her son to be declared vicious. Katrina Evans tells Local News 8 that her 17-year-old son, Robert Odom, was bit by a pit bull-mastiff mix during a party July 5. Evans asked the city council to act, but authorities say it’s up to animal control or the police department to make a final decision. Council member Kurtis Workman says the incident occurred at a party where underage drinking was going on, and that police have concluded that the dog’s behavior doesn’t warrant further action against its owner. 


  • bEmUseD says:

    This is fantastic…sane judgement! Can hardly wait for the dbo cultists to see this one!

  • coolbreeze22 says:

    Surprisingly, your report does not mention the fact that this was a 260 pound, obese, probably drunk (under aged) teen. More surprising was the fact that the fat bully-boy did not cause the poor dog serious injury! If it had been a smaller dog, the dog could have been killed. Also, the dog was in a fenced yard and under a restraining device. Hold this boy and his family responsible.

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