Pocatello PD Gets MRAP


pocatello police

(POCATELLO, ID) – The Pocatello Police Department has a new armored personnel carrier. Federal authorities have been selling Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, or MRAPs, to law enforcement agencies around the nation. The vehicles are normally used for combat operations in the Middle East. KPVI reports that the Preston Police Department also has an MRAP, and Bannock County has a similar vehicle known as a Bearcat. Officials say the new vehicle was free, although the city had to pay a $6,000 shipping fee. 


  • LetzThink says:


    So there’s $6000 to ship the thing, which doesn’t sound like much – but how much to maintain it?

    Just having it is going to be a temptation to use it. I’m having a hard time imagining the police in Pocatello or Preston or even the Bannock County Sheriff needing that kind of vehicle. If they have enough citizens upset enough to need one of those things, they really need to start paying attention!

    The excessive militarization of the police across this country cannot turn out well.

    • LetzThink says:

      I’d rather see them spend $6000 on several AR-15’s with good optics, for example – something they might actually need to use (although I hope not).

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