Stallings Supports Undocumented Immigrants


3  Updated at 8:15 am, July 21st, 2014 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID) – Democratic congressional candidate Richard Stallings is standing up for illegal immigrants.
Stallings led a counter-protest against the Tea Party in Idaho Falls on Saturday. The pro-immigrant group outnumbered the Tea Party protesters by a 3-1 ratio.  More than 300 anti-illegal immigration rallies were held across the country over the weekend. The former U.S. Representative believes that conservatives are inciting racial hatred by calling for restrictions on undocumented crossings along the nation’s southern border. Stallings says Idahoans should show more compassion for all immigrants.

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  • idahogie

    Stallings is right. Here’s my prescription:

    1. Amnesty for any immigrant who chooses to become a citizen
    2. Drastically reduce barriers to immigration
    3. Large cuts to border enforcement — it’s a waste of money. Focus only on terrorism and gun trafficking (and kill any stupid notion of a border wall)
    4. Revamp our stupid war on drugs (policies that are creating unrest and crime in Central American countries — leading to our refugee problem)
    5. Revamp our foreign aid (it is currently designed not to help the needy, but to bolster our corporate interests overseas — which also adds to economic dislocation and corruption, which is part of the cause for the influx of refugees)

  • Gary

    I am an immigrant. Immigrants are LPR’s (Legal Permanent Residents). Immigrants are legal by the definition of the term. Please don’t refer to people who violated our immigration laws immigrants. It is not true. It is a lie
    We entered the US legaly as refugees, learned English, and obeyed US laws. for that we get “slurred” by Mr. Stallings . People use “racist language like Mr. Stallings are usually covering up for their lack of facts on their side.

    • idahogie

      Nonsense. An immigrant can be either legal or illegal. That’s why they invented modifiers. And there is plenty of racist grandstanding going on with this issue. And it’s all on the insane conservative side. You don’t get to twist language to make the compassionate person the racist. (Well, you can … but you’re just lying.)