Melaleuca explains lawsuit events in two-page ad

Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS – Sunday’s Post Register contained a two-page advertorial, paid for by Melaleuca, under the familiar Melaleuca Community Page logo.

The advertorial is Melaleuca’s explanation of the events leading up to Melaleuca’s and Frank VanderSloot’s lawsuit against Mother Jones magazine and former Post Register reporter, Peter Zuckerman. It provides a timeline of the events as well as Melaleuca’s explanation of why the company and VanderSloot chose to litigate. Both cases were in the courts for over two years and were finalized earlier this month.

Mother Jones was the prevailing party in the case against Mother Jones and Frank VanderSloot was the prevailing party in the case against Peter Zuckerman. But VanderSloot claimed a moral victory in both cases. Sunday’s Community Page ad explains why VanderSloot claims he was vindicated by both cases.

Frank VanderSloot provided the following statement:

After we leave this life, the only thing that will be left of us is the record of what we did while we were here. One of the most unfair things we can do to someone is to unfairly distort their record and to say false things about them that damage them and their family.

During the last presidential election, the liberal magazine Mother Jones, tried to destroy the reputation of several key donors in order to punish them and make sure that they never make a similar donation in the future. I was one of the donors whose reputation they sought to destroy. They published many false things about me that have been repeated on the Internet numerous times over the years and even by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, itself. In 2012, the situation heated up so severely it became national news and was the number one story on Fox News for several days. We asked Mother Jones to correct the record. They refused.

It is extremely unfortunate that we have had to resort to litigation to set the record straight and to clear our name. It has been a tedious process. But finally, we are there.
With the many news articles reporting on this lawsuit, many are confused as to what really happened here. The story has been difficult to follow and to understand. We felt it would be helpful to lay out a timeline so that those who are interested can understand why we were compelled to sue Mother Jones and eventually Peter Zuckerman. In the end, we have been vindicated. We’ve not sought to destroy anyone else. We have not tried to get even. We’ve only sought to set the record straight so that the current generation and the generations that come after us can know that we’ve not been guilty of the things we were accused.”