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Ogden restaurant serving fish and chips with a side of second amendment


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Ogden, Utah — (KUTV) An Ogden restaurant is generating local buzz for the political statement it’s making in support of the second amendment.

Sea Bears on Washington Boulevard serves seafood. Customers rave about their fish and chips, but they’re also talking about the owner and his family, who open carry handguns.

“We’ve been in this location for two years and this location has been really good to us. It keeps getting better and better,” says Tony Siebers, owner of Sea Bears, who works alongside his wife and four children.

“We have three boys when they were growing up, their friends gave them a nickname, they said, ‘Oh the sea bears are here’. That’s where the name came from.”

Tony greets and seats the customers, with a 9 tucked in his waistband. His wife, Monika, prepares and serves the food, with her own semi-automatic neatly at her side. Their twin sons run the kitchen, frying the fish and preparing the salad with twin .357 revolvers holstered at the ready.

“We have four kids, the two oldest open carry along with me and my wife,” says Tony, who says they do it to show support for the second amendment.

“When law abiding citizens are carrying, the crime rate is lower.”

Tony says carrying a firearm at work comes with a lot of responsibility. He says every member of his family has taken gun safety classes and most of them own a concealed-carry permit, but they choose to open-carry at work.

“You’re aware that its on your side at all times. It never comes out of its holster. You never want to take it out unless its an emergency,” he says.

One customer, named Mark, said he came to Sea Bears after hearing about their stance on guns. “The food was great and I support what they’re doing I think it’s a great program and we need more of that.”

“We’re not trying to rub it in anyone’s face. A lot of local business owners carry guns, you probably just don’t see them,” says Tony, who remembers two times when customers felt uneazy about the gun-touting staff. “If you’re not comfortable here then there’s plenty of other places to go eat.”