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Madison Co. family wakes up to find both vehicles severely damaged

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REXBURG — A family of seven is trying to figure out who rammed and severely damaged two cars in their driveway.

Candace and Brian Rasmussen of Hibbard say they found their van and sedan in bad shape Friday around 7:30 a.m. Brian was getting ready to head to work in St. Anthony.

“We didn’t hear anything but my neighbor said they heard noises around 5:10 a.m.,” Candace says. “To cause that amount of damage they had to be going too fast.”


The Rasmussen’s live on North 3000 West about a half-mile north of Hibbard Elementary. Candace says it seemed like the driver was heading south and whatever they were driving must have been massive.

“I’m pretty sure it had to be a bigger vehicle to cause that amount of damage and to be able to drive away,” Candace says.



The Rasmussen’s had to change their Independence Day plans because of the damage and they are relying on friends and others to take Brian to and from work.

“He works for Les Schwab so he’s been driving their service truck back and forth to work, Candace says. “We are borrowing my niece’s small car right now, but we have five kids so we can’t all fit in it.”

Capt. Bruce Bowler with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office says the hit and run is still under investigation and there are no specific leads at this time.

“Someone knows something, and I hope they will come forward so that we can get it figured out,” Candace says. “I know people make mistakes, and I don’t know what happened, but they still need to be responsible for their actions.”

If you have information on this crime, you are asked to contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 356-5426.


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