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Monsanto awards Pocatello High School $15,000 grant


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POCATELLO — Pocatello High School is partnering up with Monsanto and the Museum of Clean on a green project.

Monsanto just awarded Pocatello High School a $15,000 grant for a hydroponic greenhouse on the rooftop of the Museum of Clean.

“We are going to build a fantastic place where the public can come and learn about how plants grow and about green energy and where are students can walk down here every day,” says Lisa Delonas, Pocatello High School Principal.

Right now there is just one big empty space on the rooftop of the Museum of Clean, but within a year, it’s going to be transformed into a high mountain desert urban oasis.

“We are just a few blocks away from the school and they can plant things and grow things and learn about the science of soils and growing and it’s going to be a fantastic joint effort between Monsanto and the Museum of Clean and Pocatello High School.

They will also be incorporating solar panels and wind turbines in the project.

“Maybe make some things move, turn on some lights in the evening, with the solar power that we have,” says Kevin Gibson, Facility Director, Museum of Clean.

The Director for the Museum of Clean says they are excited to be part of the greenhouse project with Pocatello High School.

“We love when the community kind of supports what we are doing, you know, and kind or our visions, so it’s really neat to see Poky, Monsanto support us and kind of our vision,” says Gibson.

They will start the project off planting native plants from the area.

They hope to be completed with the project by Fall of next year.