Family sues Amazon for $30M after hoverboard fire destroys home


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Tennessee (WSMV) — A Belle Meade family is suing Amazon for $30 million after their home burned down in January.

The cause was determined to be a hoverboard that caught fire inside the home.

Two children were trapped inside during the fire and had to jump into their father’s arms from the second floor.

“He literally dove out of the window as soon as there was a hole he could get through,” said homeowner Brian Fox. “Dove at me, grabbed me in a bear hug. I grabbed him in a bear hug and we went flying off the ladder from the second floor.”

The Fox family’s lawsuit claims Amazon was negligent and failed to warn their customers of the nine fires caused by that particular board. They also say the product was falsely represented on their website and did not contain an original Samsung advanced battery as advertised.

“We almost lost two of our children. Two of our children almost died because of a Christmas gift, because of a toy that we thought would bring joy to our son, and it almost took his life,” said homeowner Megan Fox.

The family is suing Amazon and not the manufacturer of the hoverboard because after several attempts, the lawsuit claims Amazon failed to provide the correct information on where the board came from.

The lawsuit claims the board is from a counterfeit company in China.

The Fox’s home was destroyed in the fire, but they were able to walk away with only minor injuries.