Former Blackfoot soccer coach sentenced for molesting one of her players


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Alisha Yeates was sentenced Tuesday for molesting an 11-year-old girl. | KPVI.

BLACKFOOT — A former Blackfoot High School soccer coach was sentenced to 15 years in prison Tuesday for molesting an 11-year-old girl.

Alisha Yeates was 27-years-old when the sexual abuse happened in 2013.

During Yeates sentencing hearing Tuesday, the victim told Judge Bruce Pickett that no apology or sentence could change or correct what happened. She said for the past six years she’s felt uncomfortable in the Blackfoot community and asked the court to not give Yeates any leniency. She added that if Yeates is not given enough time to reflect, this could happen to other girls.

Yeates held back tears as she addressed the court and said she regrets everything that’s been done. She said she wishes she could take it back and apologized to the victim. Yeates added that since she’s been out on bond, she’s been going to counseling and has family support.

Yeates’ attorney asked Pickett for his client to serve probation. Bingham County prosecutors recommended five years in prison.

Pickett ultimately sentenced Yeates to 15 years in prison with one year fixed and 14 years indeterminate.

Yeates still faces two charges in Bannock County for the same victim but because of a plea agreement reached with Bannock County Prosecutors, her charges in Pocatello will be dismissed.

Yeates’ attorney and family declined to comment to KPVI. Bingham County Prosecutors say they think her sentencing was appropriate.

This story originally appeared on KPVI. It is posted here with permission.