Home intruder shot after firing multiple rounds at Rigby homeowner


5  Updated at 8:30 pm, October 27th, 2016 By: Stephan Rockefeller, EastIdahoNews.com
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The following is a news release from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office:

On Oct. 27 at 8:28 a.m., Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a gunshot wound call at 4310 E. 300 N.

Further investigation revealed that the home owner discovered a suspect inside his residence. The suspect allegedly fired multiple rounds from a handgun at the homeowner.

At that time the homeowner’s son retrieved a shotgun and shot the intruder in the lower abdomen.

The suspect was located in the front yard of the residence on the deputies arrival.

The suspect was identified as William L. Shinkle from Victor. Shinkle sustained a significant gunshot wound to his lower abdomen. Shinkle was transported by Idaho Falls Ambulance and is expected to survive.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Idaho State Police.

The homeowner and his family’s name will be withheld from this news release for privacy.

Charges are pending and the investigation continues.


RIGBY — A person was shot in Jefferson County on Thursday morning.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Central Fire District Quick Response Unit and an Idaho Falls ambulance responded to shots fired near 4300 E. 300 North just before 9 a.m.

One person was transported to EIRMC with a gun shot wound to the groin, emergency officials said.

Sheriff Steve Anderson said deputies are investigating, but this is no longer an active situation, and the public is not at risk.

Further details were to be released later Thursday.

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  • monkeychunks

    I sure hope the homeowners are cleared completely in this matter and their names are never revealed to the public. No need to make them victims more than once.

  • Shgirl

    I am glad that their name was withheld, after giving their address.

  • tzaza

    The privacy is rather shattered when you include their address.

  • a_b704

    Well, hopefully the criminal will be defecating into a bag for the rest of his life.

  • Chad Moulton

    You kno there’s two sides in every story. Maybe the home owners hands aren’t so clean in this matter as u think.. Maybe sone one should look into them a lil bit. Word that I heard threw the grape vine is maybe these guys get robbed alot. Maybe William was just doing a favor to help out a friend because that’s the kind of guy he is. The word set up has been dropped a couple times too. Some ones got to take the fall for these multiple robberies. Failed to mention they both had guns and bullet proof vest on. Wierd.or that they beat the he’ll out of him with that shotgun. Funny how if you leave a few details out how much the story changes right?. Not saying I kno what really went Down but maybe y’all should make sure u have no dark shadows following u around before cast your very judgemental comments about this young man, who I do know for a fact that he don’t deserve. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this kid since his family moved here from Wyoming when we we’re both knee high to a grass hopper. Know his family very we’ll. All u people should be ashamed of your self yes people make mistakes and sadley it lables them in our society for life. But even your kid could find their self Ina situation where all they think they are doing is trying to help a friend and bam!! Next thing u kno every body has their two cents to put in the jar.. Just saying