Officer-involved shooting near popular Boise foothills trailhead


3  Updated at 2:16 pm, March 19th, 2017 By: Michael Sevren, KIVI
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BOISE — Boise police were involved in an officer-involved shooting near the Hull’s Gulch area of the Boise Foothills Saturday morning just after 9:30 a.m. No officers were injured in the incident and the male suspect is dead.

Police say the suspect was threatening hikers and animals on hiking trails near Lower Hull’s Gulch and then fatally shot a hiker’s dog.

Nearby residents received automated phone calls from the Ada County Emergency Systems urging them to stay away from the Hull’s Gulch area. First responders secured the area and shut down roads for the safety of nearby citizens.

Officers confronted the suspect on the Kestrel Trail, but say the suspect fired shots at them and officers returned fire. Officers were able to secure the area and contain the suspect. Officers worked to carefully approach the suspect and found him deceased.

Courtesy KIVI

“Our thoughts go out the family that lost a dog today, to everybody that felt scared or threatened I want to reassure everybody that everything is resolved it’s safe,” said Boise Police Chief Bill Bones.

The Ada County Critical Incident Task Force led by the Meridian Police Department is investigating the shooting. At this time police have not released the name of the suspect or the officers involved but say the officers are on administrative leave. They are asking the public to avoid the area during the investigation.

“We moved here from another area that wasn’t as friendly with hikers and bikers together but here in Boise we seem to get along fine so just the thought of that happening, it’s horrifying,” said Nancy Carosso who walks her dog in the foothills.

This article was originally published by fellow CNN affiliate KIVI. It is used here with permission.

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  • Sue

    What about the family of the man that was killed? They lost a family member too and a human life is at least as important that a dog. I’m not saying the dog was not valued but there are other victims in this situation including the victim himself.

    • Bodacious

      You’re an idiot!!! The suspect is a total waste of skin. Thanks to the officers who neutralized the threat.

    • Holly

      I have no sympathy for a man who was out to kill and actually did indeed kill someone’s dog.