‘Call it karma:’ Utah woman who turns in lost money receives nice payout


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COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — Doing the right thing pays off.

A woman who returned thousands of dollars she found at a parking lot is receiving the money after police said they were unable to locate the owner of the lost money.

“It is strange to, first of all, turn in that much money that has been found,” Cottonwood Heights Police Sgt. Ryan Shosted said. “One, because that much money isn’t often lost and, two, a lot of people probably wouldn’t turn it in, so kudos to the person who turned it in.”

The woman, who was not identified by police, was at a shopping center about three months ago when she noticed an unattended bag in the parking lot, Shosted said.

The woman picked up the bag to see who it belonged to and couldn’t find any information as to who the owner was. What she did find was surprising.

“She looked inside and found there was several thousand dollars within the bag,” Shosted said. “I would say it’s probably not the type of bag you would expect to find money in — definitely not a bank bag or anything that would make it look suspicious like that.”

Police did not specify the exact amount of money, other than it was in the thousands. After locating the bag, the woman went to the police department and turned it in. Police held onto the money for 90 days, attempting to find the owner.

Shosted said in any case where large amounts of money are found, the process of locating the missing money’s owner includes canvassing the area where the money was found. He said in this case, nobody made a claim about losing money despite public posts about the found money and the owner was never found.

After the 90-day period was over, the woman who located the money was then given the thousands of dollars she had turned in.

“Call it karma for being honest, but it’s good to see somebody who has done the right thing get recognized in a monetary way like this,” Shosted said.

This article was originally published by KSL.com Is us used here with permission.