Blind runner joins high school cross country team

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DUBUQUE, Iowa — A blind high school student in Dubuque says joining the cross country team has always been her dream. She’s not letting her inability to see get in the way of her ability to run.

There’s really no explanation needed. At least that’s the way Dubuque Senior cross country runner Wendy Flores sees it.

“I am the same person, I am just blind. I like to run. Those are one of my hobbies that I want to do,” said Flores.

The high school senior decided now is the time to do the things she really wants to do.

“When I have children I could say, ‘Oh, you should go out for cross country, because that’s what I did,'” said Flores.

So she laced up her running shoes and joined the team.

“She can run just as much as any of the other girls can,” said Assistant Cross Country Coach Keith Weber.

To accommodate her needs, coach Corrie DeMuth is now her running partner. The two stay connected with a guide rope.

DeMuth acts as Wendy’s eyes, but Wendy is doing just as much work as the rest of her teammates.

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘Oh, I got this.’ Sometimes I just want to give up, but I still run,” said Flores.

She keeps going. Why wouldn’t she? It’s what she loves to do.

“I imagine myself in a cloud, running for like two or three hours per day,” said Flores.

This story first appeared on fellow CNN affiliate KCRG. It is used here with permission.

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