EastIdahoNews.com does not donate to political organizations, despite what documents say

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Bonneville County Elections Office

EastIdahoNews.com recently received some criticism on our Facebook page for an apparent donation to a political group.

In July, some of our users sent us copies of a Bonneville County Campaign Disclosure form, which showed EastIdahoNews.com had donated $1,000 to Idahope in May.

Idahope is a local political advocacy group that was one of the key opponents to creating a taxing district that would turn Eastern Idaho Technical College into the College of Eastern Idaho.

After some investigation with the Bonneville County Clerk’s Office, we confirmed paperwork had been filed that showed Idahope had received a $1,000 campaign donation from EastIdahoNews.com. We were unaware of any such donation, and after confirming none of our employees contributed money, we contacted Idahope.

Andi Elliott, the president of Idahope, told us that the filing was an error on the part of a new and inexperienced treasurer. During the election season, Idahope had purchased $1,000 of advertising on EastIdahoNews.com, and that information was put on the wrong form.

“It was a simple clerical error by our treasurer who has never done this before,” Elliott said. “We consulted with the Secretary of State’s office and corrected the situation as they instructed us to do.”

Amended paperwork has now been refiled with Bonneville County that shows a zero dollar contribution from EastIdahoNews.com.

As a company policy, EastIdahoNews.com does not take political stances or make political contributions of any kind. We also do not endorse political candidates. The sole exception to our political neutrality rule is activism in defense of free speech, open public records and open public meetings. We will vigorously advocate for free speech and transparency in government.

If anyone has any questions regarding our company policies, please contact Managing Editor Nate Sunderland at (208) 535-8332.

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