5 suspects in custody for murder of 2 young girls near Telluride, Colorado


TELLURIDE, Colorado (KDVR) — Authorities have identified five suspects in connection to the murder of two young girls in Telluride.

The children were found Friday morning on a farm outside of Norwood, about 35 miles west of Telluride, according to the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities believe the girls were seven to 10 years old and had been dead for at least two weeks.

23-year-old Frederick Blair, 37-year-old Madani Ceus, 53-year-old Ika Eden, and 50-year-old Nathan Yah were arrested in the case.

The four are charged with felony child abuse causing death, according to police.

The fifth suspect in the case, Nashika Bramble, turned herself in to police in Grand Junction on Saturday, the San Miguel Sheriff’s Office said.

“In my thirty-seven years as Sheriff, I have never seen anything as cruel and heartless as this,” said Sheriff Bill Masters.

Authorities say there is no immediate threat to the public.


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