Have You Seen This? Incredible lucky streak on ‘The Price Is Right’


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THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN — Last week, “The Price Is Right” celebrated its 46th year on the air and its 10th year with Drew Carey as its host.

For a game show, celebrating these types of anniversaries often means adding a temporary big prize that contestants have the chance to win but likely won’t. For their special anniversary prizes, “The Price Is Right” added extra money to the big wheel spin.

Normally on the show if you spin a total of $1, you win $1,000, but this time if contestants spun $1, they would win $10,000.

When you watch the video, you will be incredulous when all three contestants spin $1. I didn’t win a cent, and the anticipation and joy I felt when that third spinner made it to $1 was real, resulting in an ear-to-ear grin.

If you are familiar with the show, you know that a three-way tie means a spinoff to see who gets to move on to the Showcase Showdown. All three line up for a single spin, and this is when Carey shares the news of a chance at even more cash — landing on green will get contestants another $10,000, and landing on $1 means a $25,000 cash prize.

At this point I encourage you to just watch the video. I was outright laughing in disbelief by the end, and I was almost in tears watching each contestant’s face as they realized their good fortune.

Like me, you might be thinking that this has to be rigged for their special anniversary show. After watching, I’m choosing to believe in this unbelievable lucky streak.

However, my job with this article is not investigative journalism, so I will leave the conclusion to others. My job with this article is to try to bring a little twinkle to your eye and a little spot of happiness to your day. So whether it’s legit or not, come on down and watch three people win $80,000 between them — you won’t regret it.

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