Hired goats: they come, they eat, they move on


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SALT LAKE CITY — Jonathan Meyer says the goats arrived as if out of nowhere.

“The rancher showed up and dropped off about 50 goats in my backyard,” Meyer said.

Turns out they were rental goats, hired by Meyers’ landlord to clear the overgrown weeds in the back of the house Meyer was renting.

“Right when they got out they started eating and they didn’t stop,” Meyer said.

In two days, the backyard was bare, and the goats were still trying to climb everything in sight to get to more green leaves.

Meyer says the goats were good yard mates.

“They’re not too loud,” he said. “Every once in a while you hear them make a kind of weird goat noise.”

Meyer says his landlord got the idea from a neighbor, and some of Meyers’ neighbors are now interested in renting goats to clear their land.

“It’s sweeping the nation I guess.”

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This article was originally published by fellow CNN affiliate KSTU. It is used here with permission.