Advocacy group formed to oppose D91’s $110 million bond proposal


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Idaho Falls High School | file photo.

IDAHO FALLS – One Idaho Falls advocacy group is saying no to Idaho Falls School District 91’s plan to seek a $110 million bond to build a new high school, and make renovations to the existing high schools.

Lisa Keller is the spokesperson for the newly formed D91 Taxpayers. In an email sent to Friday, she said,

“As concerned taxpayers and patrons of District 91, we are opposing this astronomical bond. It is set to take the district debt from about $40 million to $185 million, an increase of over 460 percent.”

“Regardless of the districts questionable tax assumptions and claims of no tax rate increase, we, the taxpayers, will be paying this off for the next 20 years. We see this huge new unnecessary debt as a bad example to our children and as a poor legacy to leave to them. It’s simply irresponsible”

D91 officials say the bond will not raises taxes and is necessary due to the age of the buildings. Superintendent George Boland says these changes will improve education for students in the 21st century.

“We have one high school that was built in 1952. The other one was built in 1968. Those structures no longer support the type of instruction we want to have going on in our high schools,” District Superintendent George Boland says.

The construction site for the new high school is located on a 53-acre lot at 49th and Holmes. If passed, the bond would also include a redesign of Skyline High School and a retooling of Idaho Falls High School. The district is looking to turn Idaho Falls High School into an Education Center that would house career technical programs, administrative offices, and possibly a center for the arts.

The issue will will be decided by voters on Nov. 7. is working on an in-depth story about the proposed bond, exploring both sides of the issue, and the numbers involved. It will publish next week.


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