Here’s where all the smoke is coming from


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Courtesy Brian Allison

IDAHO FALLS — Smoke from several large California wildfires is drifting across eastern Idaho Wednesday afternoon.

The smoke, carried by strong southwest winds, is blanketing all of eastern Idaho, National Weather Service Meteorologist John Keyes tells

Local and state fire authorities confirm there are no major wildfires burning in the region. There are several small controlled agricultural burns scheduled in Caribou and Oneida counties Wednesday, however, all of those fires are less than 100 acres.

The wildfires in northern California continues to ravage the region. At 3:30 p.m., Wednesday the fires had consumed some 160,000 acres, killed 21 people and forced some 20,000 to evacuate, according to the LA Times.

No air quality advisories have been issued, according to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

Courtesy Brian Allison

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