The mysterious case of the teleporting car boot


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REXBURG – Either one Rexburg car owner was confused, he is bad at lying, someone was pulling a prank … or a certain car boot is haunted.

Rexburg police say officers were dispatched to a Brigham Young University-Idaho student apartment complex for a booting complaint. The owner of the vehicle told police his car had been stolen and then driven to another complex, where it was booted.

Shortly after that, though, the car owner told police his car (which had been booted at the different apartment complex) had somehow reappeared at his own apartment — with the boot still in place.

Car boots are designed to immobilize a vehicle, rendering it impossible to drive.

“He said somebody took the car,” Capt. Randy Lewis of the Rexburg Police Department told “Then the car turned up at his apartment.”

Lewis said the owner told police he was leaving for an appointment when he found the car booted.

Police informed him what his options were concerning the boot. He decided to pay to have it removed.

Rexburg police are conducting an investigation into the claim that the vehicle was stolen.