Police warn businesses and residents about fake $20 bills


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The following is a news release from the city of Pocatello.

POCATELLO — A new round of fake cash is circulating in east Idaho.

Recently, Pocatello Police received multiple reports of counterfeit $20 bills being passed at local businesses by several different males. Officers say the males will attempt to use the bill and if they are successful may attempt a second transaction, asking for change for a $20.

“We want to remind business owners to train employees to examine any money being exchanged and to call police if someone is attempting to use a counterfeit bill,” said Captain Roger Schei with the Pocatello Police Department. “These bills are easily detected by a counterfeit pen or by looking for the security strip.”

The suspects will also crumple or wad up the bill to make it harder for employees to spot. The counterfeit money is printed on regular printer paper, which is thicker than normal currency. The ink is also pale and will give the bill a waxy texture.

Businesses, particularly fast food restaurants and convenience stores, should be aware of these fake $20s, and also be on the lookout for fake $50s and $100s. Earlier this year, counterfeit $100 bills stamped with Chinese characters written in pink were passed at a local business. Those bills are sold as novelties on the Internet.

If anyone comes across a counterfeit bill, please call detectives with the Pocatello Police Department at 208-234-6121.


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