Local woman starts Christmas decor lending closet

Idaho Falls

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IDAHO FALLS– One local woman was looking for a way to serve this holiday season and Facebook gave her a little inspiration.

Andrea Wilson of Idaho Falls is starting a Christmas decor lending closet through the Idaho Falls Blessings Facebook group. She said the page is used by locals to help those in need.

“It’s just basically to bless people with whatever you can or whatever they need,”

Wilson said the lending closet’s purpose is to provide those who can’t afford holiday decorations with some items for their home. She said locals can borrow the decorations and then return them to the closet for those in need next year.

“Maybe more people are more likely to give if it’s kind of a library,” Wilson said.

With the Facebook group everything is given away for free, but with Christmas items specifically, Wilson said she noticed even more of a need. When Wilson posted her extra Christmas tree on the page within a short amount of time the post quickly gained popularity.

“There was a hundred people wanting it I swear,” Wilson said.

She said everytime a Christmas item was posted it was gone in a heartbeat and Wilson felt for those who didn’t seem to get anything.

After getting permission from the administrator, Wilson is using the Idaho Falls Blessing page as the host for donated Christmas items. She has opened up extra space in her home for the donations and will be posting the items on the Blessings page.

Wilson said instead of getting rid of Christmas decor annually locals can consider giving to the library.

Contact Andrea Wilson for more information at (208) 419-6631.