WATCH: Students host I.F. mayoral debate with 2 rules: no attacks & no rebuttals

East Idaho Elects

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Video courtesy Compass Academy TV

IDAHO FALLS — Students at Compass Academy hosted an Idaho Falls Mayoral debate Thursday evening with all five candidates participating.

Incumbent Mayor Rebecca Casper, Barbara Ehardt, Ronald Jorde, Kenly Osterhout and Jeff Thompson answered questions posted by the students and each mayoral hopeful explained why they want to be mayor.

Seniors at the academy organized the debate as part of a project for their government/English class. They were in charge of all aspects of the debate from preparing questions to designing the state setup to promoting the event.

There were two rules at the start of the debate – no attacking other candidates and no rebuttals.

This is the third political debate Compass students have organized. In previous years, they held another mayoral debate and a debate for the superintendent of public instruction in Idaho.


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